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Realize Greater Profits with Your Real Estate Website 

The Transition To Internet Technology By The Real Estate Industry Has been Slow, Misguided and Poorly Managed

Enjoy the New Online Real Estate Bonanza

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Dear Real Estate Pro,

In this special e-Book called “Profiting Big With Your Real Estate Website”, I give you all the latest, tested methods for making incredible income using creative Internet Marketing and powerful Real EstateIndustry marketing techniques for your Online Success!

This is the fastest way I know of that anyone can start right away creating a highly profitable website usually designed only for the real estate elite. The agents who always seem to be bringing firm deals into the office. They’re always busy and are constantly working with clients.

When you use the techniques in this book you will have a real estate website that will be the envy of some of the largest real estate operations on the Internet!

These are techniques proven successful over 10 years of online marketing for the real estate industry specifically. These ideas work and they are only revealed in this book.

Many of the top producing Realtors have systems, years of referral business or just pay a company for lead generation. I will show you proven methods for online prospecting that will cost you no more than the price of a client dinner and a little of your time. You can literally get started in just minutes after you download your copy of this book.

In This Book You’ll Learn:

  • How to create and maintain a professional, income generating newsletter with little effort and avoid the crucial mistakes so many online marketers are making;
  • How to set up your own lead generating system and start corralling and converting buyers and sellers from your website;
  • How the Internet marketing professionals build their own profitable mailing lists;
  • How you can dramatically climb in the major search engine results (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc) with only a few simple techniques;
  • Secrets of driving high quality traffic to your real estate website – and finally realizing an amazing profit from this traffic;
  • Simple, free methods to create fresh, relevant real estate content. The Search Engines Love fresh content;
  • Why your current real estate website could be a waste of your time and money;
  • How to save your valuable time with an Online Business Presentation that will promote you to thousands of real estate prospects daily;
  • Exciting ways to earn an excellent passive incomewith no effort from you! – from your Real Estate website while you enjoy more time with family;
  • Learn how other companies will send you LARGE monthly checks just for sharing some of your site visitors with them;

My name is Richard Embro-Pantalony and I have been a licensed real estate agent since 1980. For the last 14 years I have been involved in Internet marketing specifically for the real estate industry. During this time I have been involved in bringing many of these advances in Internet technology (specifically multi media streaming video walkthrough open house tours) to the real estate business which has been slow to adapt. I made it my business to exploit these deficiencies in an industry that was far to comfortable with the way things had always been done.

In This age of Internet technology a real estate professional needs to be on the cutting edge of online performance. Your customers are surfing the net and you should be there for them. Profiting Big With Your Real Estate Website will put your website in front of the nearly 85% of buyers and sellers who use the Internet as their primary resource for initial real estate information and research.

They compare their home for pricing, search for an agent and scope out neighborhoods for amenities. I’ll make sure online prospects find your website, have great site content to view when they’re on your website and make it surprisingly easy to get them to provide you with their contact information for you to follow up.

Rookie Agents Or Experienced Professionals Alike Will Learn In Straight Forward Language How To Turn Their Website Into A Power Profit Generator!

For years there have been many off line techniques to generate real estate leads. Now you will learn how to easily convert these proven offline marketing and prospecting techniques into online success.

Now is the time to start branding yourself personally with your own fully optimized real estate website. If you need one I’ll teach you how to build it customized to your needs. If you already have one – I will show you how it can be improved aesthetically and technically to meet your needs and increase it’s effectiveness.

When You Purchase This Book I’m Also Including 3 Special Bonuses That Will Assist You With Online Marketing And Promotion Of Your Website. 


The Thirty Minute Marketing Miracle

Learn the secrets of professional advertising copywriters and make every ad you write a winner. You spend much of your budget on offline advertising so make every ad count. This report will show how the Pro’s do it. (valued at: $39.00)


Viral Marketing Secrets

It really doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in… you can use viral marketing whether you run a local fish shop, a real estate sales business, or an international software corporation. As long as there are people around, you can use it. And, if your business is on the Internet, you have access to hundreds locally or millions of people globally! A viral marketing expert shows you incredible techniques you can utilize in YOUR business. You will learn how to explode your referral business! (valued at: $47.00)


10 Tips And Tools To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Written by an expert in her field, Darity Wesley, a lawyer and founder of Privacy Solutions, presents to you some extremely important advice to protect yourself from Identity theft. This is a present day scourge and can be avoided for the most part by following her simple strategies. (valued at: Priceless)

Still need to be convinced? OK then. The real estate industry in general has done a pretty poor job of adapting to the new technologies of the Internet. So many other industries have adapted much more quickly and thus have developed a good foundation for future growth and stability online. Real estates failure to adapt quickly and resist industry changes has put it in a massive catch up phase online.

As an independent contractor you should not depend on your broker – large or small – to provide you with the Internet expertise and resources to make you successful online. BRAND YOURSELF!

The Following Is An Excerpt From My Book

…There are common sense business reasons why you should still maintain your own website. How do site visitors to your company website find your listings? Do you have a link from a list of all the office agents to a micro site? Do you have all your information uniquely displayed on their website or is it a company wide template and your info looks like everyone else’s? All traffic is focused on your company homepage and believe me your OWN customers or prospects will be digging deep to find information about you and your listing inventory.

Some broker websites are ghost towns and you must depend on them to update your fresh listings. I don’t know about you but when I was selling real estate I wanted ALL my listing leads and though I liked others in the offices I worked at, make no mistake they were my competition as much as the agent down the street. So if my listings were placed into the company’s site search database for anyone to search, how is it possible that I’m guaranteed my own listing leads. Technology is available that makes this diversion of callers to the listing agent possible but does your broker have it?

It’s far better to have your own website along with the technology needed to make sure you never miss a lead or a call…

I will teach you how to maintain an independent online presence and still keep your broker happy by complying with the regulations and generating amazing business all from your own fully enhanced, customized real estate website. I will teach you things that even the large corporate brokers aren’t doing with their million dollar websites.

You will be competing on a level playing field with the big boys of the industry. I will help you understand the power and potential of the Internet from the “front end” to the “back end” helping to ensure your overall success if you want it badly enough.

Simple, Powerful, Proven Methods For Lead Generation, Online Real Estate Marketing Tips Revealed For The First Time, Dramatically Increase Your Website Traffic And Much More To Explode Your Profits…Even If You’re a NON-Techie!

If you are in the real estate business for the long haul and are serious about earning way above an average income then why wouldn’t you want the information that will make it easier to reach your goal. For the price of a lunch you could be on the way to online success with your own highly optimized, custom real estate website.

If you are serious about your career in real estate and understand the need for a strong Internet presence than you seriously need the information in this book. I explain the technology in an easy to understand fashion and implementing what you learn is simple and straight forward.

When I started selling real estate everything we did was manual, repetitive and passed down from the successful “plaid jackets” of the 1950′s 60′s and 70′s. Their methods were proven successful but it was so much work! delivering flyers, cold calling, open houses every day of the week for agents and weekends for the public. occasionally everything was dropped to prepare and present an offer! The idea was to survive long enough in the business to generate referral business from past clients.

Everything I Just Described Above Is Still Being Done Today. The Internet Has Changed ALL The Rules And I Show You How It’s Done In The New Millennium. You Will Spend More Time Actually Making Money As The Technology Works For You.

I can state with absolute certainty that having an effective real estate website is THE most important part of any realtors business these days and will be well into the future. In today’s real estate industry whether in a hot or cold market it’s as critical to have a top caliber website as it is to have a database of listings. Purchasing my Book Profiting Big With Your Real Estate Website will be the first step toward your online success in a very competitive business and should be an easy decision.

Just One More Thing…

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“Profiting Big With Your Real Estate Website”


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YES Richard:  I would like to get started optimizing my real estate website or build a new Internet presence for myself and begin realizing the huge profit potential I can have with a customized real estate website after reading your book. I also understand It will be up to me to implement the proven methods and ideas you present to me in your book. I’d like access to my free bonuses immediately and I want to Download your book NOW!


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I wish you the utmost success both online and offline with your real estate business.

Good Luck!


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