Some Tips To Reduce Your Dogs Flatulence

Some dogs are worse than others are. They seem to have a predisposition to farting at the worst f times and in the worst of places. Flatulence in your dog can be awkward, embarrassing and maybe a deal breaker since some people abandon their dog at a shelter if it becomes too bad and odorous.

All dogs are going to be flatulent but some dogs are downright nasty! This is why this article is important, so you can do what you can to control the air you breathe in your home or car! Dogs such as boxers, pugs, bulldogs, and mastiffs seem to be the main culprits when it comes to flatulence. This is likely caused by their flat faces so when they eat they are also taking in a lot of air at the same time.

Now, for your: Eight Tips To Reduce Flatulence In Your Dog So You Can Breathe Easier And Not Point Fingers At Others In The Same Room As Fido – REPORT!

Tip 1
Give your dog a good quality diet. Feed your pooch with only the best dog food you can afford.

Tip 2
Do not feed your dog food, which you know is likely to give cause to gas and flatulence. Think about it – you know what gives you gas so feeding your dog on the same is likely to cause the same result!

Tip 3
After your dog has eaten, given them a spoonful of natural yoghurt as a little treat. This can aid digestion and help to prevent a flatulence outbreak.

Tip 4
If your dog is prone to “wolfing” down his food, try feeding them on a “little and often” basis. If your dog is “wolfing” he is swallowing air with his food – a cause of flatulence. Feeding little and often can help to cut down on that.

Tip 5
Raise his bowl off the floor a little. You can buy, inexpensively, dog bowl stands. This can help him to eat at a “natural” height and also help to stop him “wolfing” and swallowing air.

Tip 6
Try to cut out those treats you can help but dish out when your dog gives you “that” look. It will help to keep his weight down too. Alternatively, if you really must give in to temptation from time to time, give him a little piece of chicken or good quality kibble.

Tip 7
Regular exercise. A dog that gets his share of “walkies” will be a happy and healthy dog. Yet another aid to digestion and flatulence prevention measure. In addition – if any gas does “escape” while you’re out with your dog it can escape “naturally” and not cause a “nasty smell” in your house.

Tip 8
Talk to your vet about vitamin supplements – the right vitamins can help cut down on dog flatulence as well as being good for your dog’s health in general.

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