How to Cut Dog’s Nails the Easy Way

While you love your dog, you probably don’t love its long nails. Who would? Long nails can be brutal on your home’s floor and furniture. To make it easy on you, your pet, and your furniture, follow these basic steps for how to cut dog’s nails.

Step 1: Select your clipper.
The size of the hound should influence which size clippers you pick. For smaller, dogs, use large human toenail clippers. However, for bigger dogs use dog nail clippers.

Step 2: Prepare the dog’s paws.
Hold your pet while it’s close to your body. Using the same arm that’s holding the dog, slowly move your hand downward, until you’re holding the paw securely. Using your index finger, lightly push the center of the paw, causing the canine’s nail to move forward.

Step 3: Cut with caution.
This is critical in the process of how to cut dog’s nails. Only cut where the nail begins to become rounded. And never cut past this area as you could accidentally cut into the nail’s “quick”! It’s likely that you’ve experienced this situation before, so avoid needing to empathize with your mutt.

Step 4: Trim the nails on one paw at a time.
If your mutt won’t cooperative then try finishing the nails on just one paw. Yes, this can create a frustrating situation if you like to complete everything you start, in one session. However, this is an ideal approach in how to cut dog’s nails if your dog can only tolerate one paw’s nails being cut.

Step 5: Get helping hand(s) when available.
Getting someone to help can make the process of cutting your canine’s nails, more manageable. However, it’s important that the person not excite the dog. One person can hold your pooch while the other person actually cuts the nails.

Well, there you have it! You can complete the mission of cutting your dog’s nails, by using these simple yet effective steps. Good luck!

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