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Robert asks…

Is there such thing as Fantasy MLS Soccer?

It has to be MLS. I would really like it to be Yahoo but ESPN is fine.
Give me the link please if you find one.

The Expert answers:

Yes there is. Here is a link to the official fantasy league of MLS:

Maria asks…

Could MLS Soccer ever be a good League?How long?

My question is that if MLS Soccer is ever going to be a good League or even Elite League.Like the English Premier League or the Spian Primera Division?Cuz u know more good players are coming to MLS like David Beckham and Cuauhtemoc Blanco.If so how many years could it take till it turns into an Elite League?

The Expert answers:

It will always play second fiddle to american football, baseball, ice hockey and basketball.
Thats like asking will the british ice hockey league ever rival the american or canadian ones, simple answer is no.

James asks…

When will Florida get a new MLS soccer team?

What happened to the old Miami team that was in the MLS?
Who thinks Florida should have a team in MLS?

The Expert answers:

Right after San Jose gets its team back…

Sandy asks…

How can i contact someone about soccer try outs for MLS youth teams?

I’m 16 years old and im a really talented soccer player. I play for my school and a club, i play forward, and for both teams i score around two goals a game. But the only problem is i don’t live in a big city and its hard to get contacted by someone. How could i get some numbers for people who could help me go to a MLS youth team? Or a team which would lead me to play professional soccer?

The Expert answers:

Well, I think it depends on your state, but I play club soccer here, in Wisconsin.

Select>Premier>MRL>Youth National

That’s how it goes for me^^

Once you’re in MRL, you start national and regional competitions, basically, you’re representing your region at the highest level, and at the lower level of MRL, you’re competiting against other MRL teams in the region. And then National, well, is national :)

That’s all I know about soccer, Im not sure about the MLS Youth Team…


David asks…

what do the mls soccer scouts look for the most in strikers ?

when they scout… what should i be perfect at too get seen and picked

The Expert answers:

They look for everything generally. Skills, talents, speed, and work ethic.

Hope that helps.

Richard asks…

Can someone tell me what level of soccer the MLS is compared to other top leagues in the world.?

I live in Edmonton Canada and didn’t even know that MLS existed before Beckam got signed by the Galaxy. Also whats the chance of Edmonton getting an MLS team? Commenwealth stadium can fit 60 000 fans. And have clobbered Canadian Football in attendance for years with double the fans going to the games as the League average. I know that has nothing to do with Soccer. But, Toronto has a team and we have way more fan support for our football team then they do. which was my point to the football reference.

The Expert answers:

Ok listen here. Don’t ever ever compare MLS to European soccer!!! You know why? Cause that is just pathetic. If you compare MLS to European soccer, then it’s like comparing an ant to a lion. Got it? Hope so kid.

Sandra asks…

What are the top five soccer leagues in the world? Where does the MLS rank?

How would the mls matchup against the best soccer leagues in the world? I know very little about soccer.

The Expert answers:

The top 5 leagues would probably be :-
Barclay’s Premier League – England
Serie A – Italy
Bundesliga – Germany
La Liga – Spain
Ligue 1 – France

The MLS may be low on the ranking because football (soccer) is not considered the main sport in the USA. Also, it is a league where a lot of older players go the play their last season, e.g. David Beckham, Robbie Keane, Torsten Frings….

Lizzie asks…

Where does MLS soccer rank in the world?

Comparatively, is there any respect for this league?

The Expert answers:

Respect is pretty low. They do have a number of international players from great teams and they play friendlies with those teams, but it seems no matter how well they do they still don’t make a big splash on the international soccer scene.

Ken asks…

Does MLS Backyard Soccer 2004 work on Mac OS X version 10 and up?

My sisters and I used to play Backyard Soccer on our old desktop. When we got a new computer, it didn’t work. This is a newer version, but I can’t figure out if it will work on our computer or not. Can someone let me know. We’d really like to play this game again.

The Expert answers:

Should do.

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