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Joseph asks…

How many MLS’s are there in the real estate market.?

How many MLS‘s are there in the real estate market. I notice some real estate magazines have propety with a MLS number but when you do a search at another real estate website it doesn’t come up.

The Expert answers:

There are several MLS nationwide. The most common reason that a magazine ad will have a missing link MLS number is the fact that many magazines have long lead times and homes often sell before the magazine is off the market.

John asks…

How can I conduct search for a new home with NO pool?

The MLS listing website doesn’t have that option. I’d like to know how to search for a home with no pool, maybe only single story…etc. Is there an advanced search place somewhere I can use? I live in AZ if that makes any difference. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Ask a real estate agent to run an MLS listing for you of homes in your price range with no pool. Generally, the search engine available to agents is MUCH more powerful than the public one. They can be extremely precise as to what to screen for.

Daniel asks…

What is the best place to buy MLS jerseys that deliver to Ireland?

I am looking to buy a Seattle Sounders jersey online. I am having trouble finding somewhere that one, have the jersey in stock and two, deliver to Ireland. I have looking and am finding that most places dont stock the jersey and the few that do don’t deliver internationally. So, does anybody know anywhere i can find one? please try research this as i have tried a good few places and every site that will pop up on a Google search. Thanks!!

The Expert answers:

MLSGear has both Seattle Sounders merchandise and they ship internationally.

Charles asks…

Ok. But my exhusband was arrested 15 mls from my home. The police brought him to my address without a warrant?

Also he kept his cars in my garage but didn’t have a key. The police used some sort of Jimmy to get in. They then began to search. No danger, no fleeing, they came to an unoccupied house and broke in without a warrant.

The Expert answers:

What is your question? Did they find anything? Damage anything?

I would say it was an illegal search and would not hold up in court. You can make a complaint to the police department that they should not have done it. Apart from that, what do you want from them? Apology? It is also possible that your ex told them that he lived there too and allowed them to search.

William asks…

Sites to search for condos in Toronto that have info and pictures?

and how to get that map off of Takes forever to load and never comes up with results for me.

The Expert answers:

I never have any trouble with the map on I think there’s more than one way to get at it. Try going to the opening page, click on Residential Properties, then click on the little map icon up on the right. Then you can zoom in. You can also just enter the name of Toronto, or the neighbourhood you want. is really about the best site, has more listings than any others

Lisa asks…

How do I find ‘for sale by owner’ listings?

I live in pa and heard they do not come up on a regular MLS search.

The Expert answers:

Of Course they come up …. BUT; the MLS is usually reserved for home that are listed with a Realtor ….

Try going to:

Also; don’t forget your local newspapers ….

David asks…

Why would a new neighborhood have listings that all have a “withdrawn” status?

Hi, I am trying to purchase a home in a brand new community in which the previous owner recently was foreclosed upon. Now the community building new homes and I am attempting to make a purchase. I did an MLS search of the community, and all homes in the community save one, have a status of “withdrawn”. I recently made an offer on the home I wanted, and the agent flat out rejected the offer. Is this normal? No one currently lives in the community.

The Expert answers:

That does sound suspicious. Perhaps there are construction problems that make it illegal for the houses to be sold yet. Or perhaps the builder is in bankruptcy court or something, or a lawsuit, or…who knows what. Anyway, I’d look toward a different location for now.

You shouldn’t have much problem finding something in this market. It’s a buyers market now, so feel free to make offers below asking price.

(and if you’re looking in Columbus, Ohio, I have a home I need to sell…let me know if you might be interested.)

Sandra asks…

What is the best source to find lease-option properties in Los Angeles?

I am interested in finding lease-option properties in Los Angeles. I use Craigslist but would like to find many more sources. Is there a way I can access the MLS and search for LOPTs without using an agent?

The Expert answers:

Almost all of the realtor sites have lease-option properties listed. You are able t5 view the properties, see pictures, find out prices,etc. Here is one I use most:

Some local sites to LA are:

Best of luck!

Chris asks…

Why doesnt the MLS have their own club songs?

Like at a game you sing your “hino” (in portuguese, im brasilian) of your club, why doesnt mls clubs have one.

heres mine

The Expert answers:

Their are a few Barras in the MLS…..
I saw one in Kansas City where they were taking a tune thats very popular among Argentinians…

But it takes a a generation to have those dedicated fans who will come up with chants and songs for their team..
Its something you can’t just enforce….the fans need to come up with the songs….and believe in the words they are singing like how it is in South America and Europe….

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