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Are you ready to take your Craigslist real estate advertising endeavors to the highest level possible? Well, you have come to the right place. I have designed an intuitive web application which allows anyone advertising REAL ESTATE on the internet to create and post extremely professional looking ADS in the blink of an eye. The beauty of RENTALCOBRA web application is that it comes with a highly sophisticated functionality which makes the management and syndication of listings very easy. Anyone with basic computer skills can use RENTALCOBRA. Using my RENTAL COBRA is as simple as clicking a series of check boxes and hitting enter. You will not believe your eyes! Go ahead and send your real estate assistant packing today! RENTAL COBRA is equivalent to having 5 assistants working 24/hrs for you – managing your listings, following up with clients, and advertising your listings on various websites. Buy RENTALCOBRA today, sit back and watch your productivity increase.

My name is Ike Kingsley, and I designed RentalCobra software. My venture into Real Estate started right after the dot com collapse about a decade ago. I was a highly ambitious 22 year old straight out of a prestigious Boston Area institution (name withheld) with a freshly minted degree in Management Information Systems. Even with my highly expensive education, I could not find a job in my field of study. With bills mounting, a good friend of mine, Jake, suggested that I give Real Estate a try. "With a job in Real Estate, at least you will have some beer money ", Jake stated. Well, I gave Real Estate a try and I earned more than beer money – Thanks to my web application.. To answer my question from above, I designed RentalCobra software because I became fed up with the amount of time it took to market a listing. I needed an easy, inexpensive, and effect method for managing all my listings.. My management information systems education gave me the skills I needed to design this application. My highly expensive education finally paid off.

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