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Nancy asks…

can a person take the real estate exam without going to real estate school?

I’m interested in the real estate career but to shortened the question: Can I just take the real estate exam without going to school.

The Expert answers:

You can take online classes. I am in California and you have to have 3 classes from an accredited school in order to be a real estate agent. Once you’ve completed those classes, you can take the exam.

Linda asks…

what is the best real estate school in Michigan?

what is the best real estate school for a business student in michigan (metro detroit area) ?
(not really interested in online courses)
not planning on becoming an agent. just to build resume and have real estate knowledge to go along with a future MBA.

The Expert answers:

My experience is that real estate school is only good for helping you pass the test and getting your license. When you get your license you should work with some experienced and successful agents and learn from them how you can be successful.

So when you are judging “the best school” just look at what percentage of their graduates pass the test, at least I think nothing else matters because they don’t seem to be able to actually teach how to be successful.
Every real estate school I know is structured for people trying to pass the test. So if you want real estate knowledge for other purposes- I would decide exactly what you want to know and find a business school at a full university that teaches that particular thing. There are a lot of different areas that fall under the umbrella of “real estate”. For example look at the wide variety of questions in this category.

Charles asks…

Do you have a GED or Highschool diploma to go to real estate school?

I would like to become a real estate agent and Im working on my GED. Im planning on paying over 200 dollars to go to school and 1200 dollars for licenseing. I want to know if you MUST HAVE it to go.

The Expert answers:

Generally, the only rule for admission is that you must meet your state’s licensing eligibility requirements. Many states DO require that you have a GED or high school diploma, so check your state’s requirements here:

Maria asks…

Anyone know a good real estate school in vegas?

I am trying to get my real estate silence, can someone please tell me which is a good school to get your silence in vegas? I am trying to find a school where you can get taught by experienced people not just online courses.

The Expert answers:

Don’t do it. Run!! Come back in 10 years…

Laura asks…

What is the best california real estate school?

I’m trying to get my California real estate license and am choosing a “school” to enroll for classes. There are so many that make big promises.. realestateexpress allied, lumbleu etc.

Has anyone tried any of these and if so can you tell me what you think of them? I’m especially interested in Lumbleu because it uses a different technique of video teachings. I would prefer to study from a text book rather than online..

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

The Expert answers:

Duane Gomer’s California Real Estate School

The quickest, very affordable, and a very high pass rate.

Also take their RE test review class.

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